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Antirust Tracing Lubricant

Product functions include the following.  Rust prevention, Lubrication, Preventing thread Slides, Decontaminations, Dehumidification. Application: Friction caused noise in the machines

Dry Solvee Spot Remover

This detergent is specially designed. It dries quickly and turns into a  powder after being sprayed. It is especially suitable

Fusing Belt Cleaning Powder

This product melts and removes resins and dust from the belt and heating plate of fusing press easily and effectively.

Fusing machine belt cleaner

This product can effectively clean clogged glue and stubborn stains. As the product is made with special components. it can

No Fray

This product is designed with a special formula, it is ideal for eliminating over-edge stitching. It reduces seam failure and

P.P.OIL (Silicon oil)

This product is a specially designed, advanced lubricant with higher lubricating qualities. It prevents rusting and flaking of the machine.