“Envisioning a future of endless possibilities, we strive to be a global leader in our industry, known for our relentless pursuit of excellence and cutting-edge technology. With a passionate team, customer-centric approach, and a strong sense of social and environmental responsibility, we aim to make a lasting impact on the world, shaping a brighter and sustainable tomorrow for generations to come.”


“Our mission is to deliver innovative solutions that empower our customers to thrive in a rapidly evolving world. We are committed to providing exceptional products and services that exceed expectations, fostering long-term partnerships built on trust and integrity, and driving positive change in the industries we serve.”


Since its inception in 1977 Wijaya Group of Companies has provided 46 years of excellence in customer care. Wijaya Group has 30 sales outlets islandwide and is the largest fashion retailer in Sri Lanka. Wijaya group is renowned for some of its subsidiaries CIB Garments (Pvt) Ltd.,CIB Shopping Centres,Siyarata Umbrella (Pvt) Ltd and Arunya Nature Resort (Pvt) Ltd.

Established in the year 1996 CIB Techmart (Pvt) Ltd. located in Pamunuwa Road,Maharagama is also a member company of Wijaya Group.

Our devotion and dedication for the apparel industry led to the birth of CIB Techmart. At CIB Techmart we are focused on setting world-class standards to our Customers. We cater to a wide network of clients in the Apparel Industry. We take pride in offering products of exceptional quality at affordable prices.

CIB Techmart supplies a wide range of sewing machines along with spare parts and accessories. We also undertake sewing machine maintenance and repairs at our ultra – modern workshop.

Production requirements usually differ based on conditions from large scale garment factories to small town fashion designers. At CIB Techmart we are geared up to meet all your demands and expectations.

We are privileged to mention that over the years we have been working with some of the most globally renowned brands such as Precious (China) and built strong relationships with other brands in Japan,Hong Kong,China,Singapore,Germany and India. We can vouch to offer a sustainable capacity to meet the ever changing demands of the fashion production industry in Sri Lanka.

Our insignia has always epitomized superior quality , state of the art products and unparalleled services. Our aim is to transform the industry by creating and introducing masterpieces above and beyond our imagination.

CIB Tech Marts’ core value is to become the Market and service leader of the trade. We believe it is of utmost importance to keep up to date with the current market trends, come up with brand new concepts and develop them not compromising price and quality. With our commitment to unparalleled customer satisfaction we offer contemporary, user friendly ,multi-faceted machines at affordable prices to retain customer loyalty and recognition.